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Wailingding Island Tour in 2022

On May 28, 2022, all TRANSMO employees visited the beautiful Wailingding Island under the organization of the Administration Department.

This morning, all the staff took a luxury cruise ship and set off to the beautiful island.


1hour later, we came to Wailingding Island,and the discomfort in boating disappeared instantly after seeing the beautiful scenery.
After checking in at the hotel, we went to a restaurant near the hotel for dinner.Outside the restaurant is the endless sea,
beautiful scenery and delicious food.Everyone spent a happy lunch time in the restaurant, which was very comfortable.
And we went to the beach to play in the afternoon. We had swimmers, photo shooters, bikers,etc. And everyone had a good time here.
After having fun, we started the BBQ. Everyone divides their labor, prepares the ingredients in an orderly manner,
brings their favorite food, chats and barbecues. This barbecue has further improved the collaborative ability of the innovation team,
allowing employees to get to know each other while enjoying the food, and also feel the power of teamwork.And after eating, we came
to the beach to play a game. If someone lost, they were punished by either having a drink or a barbecue. After the game, the colleagues became more familiar,fuller.
The next morning, after breakfast, we climbed to the top of the mountain.
And we reached the top of the mountain, where we can see the endless blue sky and sea, which is very pleasant!
Taking advantage of this beautiful scenery, we took a group photo.
After lunch,we went back to the urban area of Zhuhai with full of happiness.
The visit to Wailingding Island relaxed all employees after work, and strengthened the cohesion of the big family as well.
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