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The 1st anniversary celebration

May 20, 2020 is the first anniversary celebration of Zhuhai Transmo Plastic Products Co.,LTD.

Over the past year, Transmo's employees had worked together to pass the assessment of the market and achieved fruitful results.


This celebration has two parts. The first part is to summarize and commend the conference.


At the meeting, the general manager delivered a speech, summed up and planned the company's development, and at the end of the meeting, praised the company's sales champion.

After that,the sales champion delivered an award speech. 


The second part of the celebration is the luncheon.During the lunch,everyone chatted while enjoying the feast that the company treats everyone.

With the happy luncheon ended,the anniversary has come to the end.


Although the celebration is over, our progress will not stop.

We believe that with the efforts of all employees,TRANSAMO is becoming the gold brand enterprise in cosmetics packaging line of China mainland step by step.

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