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The November Cooking Competition

November 23,2020,was the quarterly cooking competition of TRANSMO. We used our own specialty dishes in the competition.

The highlight of the culinary competition is that the contestants are also the judges of the competition, and the dishes that won the award are also selected by everyone.


There were 4 parts: presentation,tasting,voting and scoring, sharing.The first is the display of dishes. Employees showed their special dishes from hometowns.The delicious dishes are very attractive.

After the presentation, it was a happy time to enjoy the food. Everyone at the table chatted and enjoyed themselves.


After that, everyone voted on the dishes, selected the three dishes with the highest score, and the general manager presented the award.


Finally, the winning employees shared the practice and experience of dishes with everyone.

This event strengthened the cohesion of the enterprise, relaxed the employees' mind and body in the busy work, demonstrated the unique cooking skills,

enhanced the employees' sense of happiness and belonging, and let the employees devote themselves to their future work with more full enthusiasm.

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