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Congratulations on the opening of our new factory

On May 20th, 2019, our new factory was officially opened. After the new factory was opened, the hardware equipment including factory workshop equipment and office equipment was upgraded, which will provide better and more professional services for customers, including the most advanced industry. Automated warehouse, production automation control system, fully automatic conveyor system, etc. These will further enhance Transmo's brand image, and the factory will continue Transmo's unique advantages, with excellent research and development capabilities and high-quality products, to meet the application needs of customers in various fields, and to meet the rapid development of the market.




At the opening ceremony, the general manager of Zhuhai Transmo Plastic Products Co., Ltd. issued a declaration on the opening ceremony, thanking everyone for their contributions to the company's construction and development, and commended the colleagues who made special contributions. Everyone can feel the confidence in the company's products and the pride of being a member of Transmo.



After the opening ceremony, the company held a rich banquet for everyone. Everyone toasted and shared a lot of talks.


With the opening of the new factory, the company will open up new markets in the new year, focus on the overall situation, step by step, and steadily and steadily. In the future, we will continue to walk hand in hand with confidence and courage, strive to be the best cosmetics packaging. One of the brands!

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